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Billing Lite

Claim Filing And Payment Posting

We submit your claims to the appropriate payers. Checks go directly to you by mail or EFT. We post the payments and corrections as shown on the EOB(explanation of benefits).

If not paid on the third invoice you have the option to send a collection letter. After the third invoice goes to a patient we do not send any more unless it is at your request.

Denial Notification

If and when a claim gets denied we notify the office. This can be done by push notifications or email. Whatever works best for you.

Patient Invoicing And Statements

We send monthly patient statements for each visit. If the patient does not pay the first month we send 2 more invoices.

Billing Master Management Our Most Popular Plan

Includes all above +

Claim Scrubbing

We scrub all claims before submitting them to the payers. We have automated systems to help as well as real eyeballs to look over them before they are pushed through.

This process limits rejections and unpaid claims. If corrections are needed we inform your office and get the corrections handled and submitted accordingly.

Denial Corrections

The most crucial part of our service is corrections. Somehow no matter what claims seem to get denied and sometimes for no good reason.

Many times claims that have been paid previously somehow get rejected a few random times.

We get all these claims paid. We have insurance dispute specialists that will not let the payers say the claim can not get paid unless it is truly unpayable.

Billing And Coding Complete

Includes all of the above +

Medical Coding

We provide you medical coding services. We have expert certified coders with decades of experience that you actually will talk to regularly.

Our coding specialists are always there to help.

Other Paid Services Available

Call to inquire. Pricing is tailored to your needs to provide the most affordable services available.



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