Medical Coding Specialists

Certified Medical Coders

Having certified Medical Coding professionals, CPCs(Certified Professional Coders) is key to success in your office. Our team is AAPC, AHIMA and certified, bringing you top-level professionalism as a result of growing your bottom line and office production.

Our medical coders help keep your coding accurate and up to date making sure you are using all the codes for services during your visits so you can get paid for each service provided.

World Class Medical Coding Services

What is medical coding? Medical coding is the process of matching patient diagnosis, office procedures, medical equipment used, and medicines administered with the corresponding Diagnosis (Dx) code, Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes.

Not using the correct codes or even using the wrong combination of all or any will result in a non paid office visit and delayed payment.

What makes this even more challenging is the codes and procedural guidelines are constantly being updated and changed.

Continuing education and coding knowledge are key to your office’s success.

Overcoming the challenges of medical coding. Having coding professionals and keeping them up to date and educated on coding practices is key to increasing revenue and productivity in your office.

Submitting claims with the wrong codes and services delays payment or even makes claims unpayable and monitoring claims for accuracy and payment is key.

Being coding experts combined with the newest technologies is what makes our success.